Our E-Liquids


Aqua E-Liquid

There hasn't been a straight fruit vape line released in the industry in many years, therefore, we released one....Aqua. Clean, crisp, and refreshing, Aqua is a delicious blend of your favorite fruits in 60ml only.

Pure: Strawberry Apple Watermelon
Oasis: Peach Cantaloupe Papaya
Flow: Pineapple Guava Mango

Sweet Shack

Sweet Shack E-Juice

Strawberry Watermelon – Sweet but sour, tangy and fruity. Splashes of juicy strawberries with hints of freshly sliced summertime watermelons at your family bbq. Perfectly mixed to keep you smiling!

Milkshake Man

Milkshake Man E-Liquid

Strawberry Milkshake Man – A perfectly blended twist on your classic milkshake with fresh, sweet strawberries, and creamy whipped cream topping.

Blueberry Milkshake Man – A perfectly blended twist on your classic milkshake with fresh, sweet blueberries, and creamy whipped cream topping.

Marshmallow Man

Marshmallow Man & Marshmallow Man 2

Marshmallow Man – Custard to cereal, donuts to yogurt, Marshmallow is where it’s at! Setting one of the next hottest trends in the industry! SWEET. CREAMY. FLUFFY. Puffy, gooey, perfect marshmallows in every puff.

Marshmallow Man 2 – Toasted marshmallow! Just like the flavor of the original Marshmallow Man, but campfire toasted. Setting one of the next hottest trends in the industry! SWEET. CREAMY. FLUFFY. Puffy, gooey, perfect toasted marshmallows in every puff.

Honey Bear E-Juice

Honey Bear E-Juice

Remember growing up as a kid? This is your favorite bear shaped honey flavored snack, blended with a glass of ice cold milk to make the most flavorful childhood memory you can imagine. Honey. Bears. Graham Crackers. Oh’ My!

That Thai Tea Tho’

That Thai Tea Tho...

So you walk into your favorite coffee shop café on the street corner. What do you order? A classic Thai iced tea, with aromatic Thai spices to make the perfect tea, blended with sweet, creamy condensed milk.

Treats E-Juice

Treats E-Juice

What could possibly be better then fruity pebbles, rice crispy treats, and vanilla bean ice cream? Putting them all together of course! Fruity pebbles rice crispy treat vanilla bean ice cream sandwich. Need we say more?

Donuts E-Juice

Donuts E-Juice

Strawberry Donut – Who doesn’t love a classic donut? A sweet strawberry frosted donut with strawberry jam filling, then dipped in an ice-cold glass of milk.

PBLS Donut – A donut craze turned into a donut fave! Classic glazed donut sprinkled with everyone’s favorite fruity pebble cereal.

Blueberry Donut - Blueberry deliciousness in every puff! Classic glazed donut with blueberry frosting dunked in an ice cold glass of milk.

Vapester E-Juice

Vapester E-Juice

Vapester – Need something that will keep you going all day? Did we mention that it also tastes like everyone’s favorite energy drink? Delicious tropical fruit energy drink flavor, mixed with the edgy branding that creates the masterpiece of vaping.

Crème De La Crème

Crème De La Crème E-Juice

Caramel Apple – A crisp, tart, tangy, and juicy green apple dipped in a sweet caramel. Deliciousness in every puff!

El Presidente – A delightful tropical blend of juicy pineapple, and sweet mango with light hints of peaches and passion fruits!

Watermelon Cotton Candy – A refreshing, juicy summer watermelon with light, sweet, and fluffy cotton candy and subtle hints of pear.

Guava Fresca – An exotic, sweet guava with a juicy splash of pineapple, and subtle hints of papaya.

Vanilla Crème – A sweet, delicate blend of French vanilla bean, sweet custard, and light whipped cream.

Strawberry Crème – A light and fresh combination juicy, ripe strawberries mixed with a sweet vanilla crème.

Blueberry Crème Brulee – Decadent vanilla custard with crisp, caramelized sugar, topped by sweet, wild blueberries.

Tabac Crème De Leche – Full-flavored, smooth tobacco blended with rich and creamy notes of dulce de leche with smooth hints of caramel and butterscotch.

Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape is one of the original lines that helped make Marina Vape what it is today. The Alpha Vape line is comprised of eight tantalizing flavors that have something for each and every vaper.

Hoops – A summer blend of creamy melons with hints of honeydew, cantaloupe, & pears.

Heist – Juicy apples dipped in strawberry hard candy.

Miss White – A sweet combination of raspberry & dragon fruit mixed into a perfect passion tea blend.

The Dude – The perfect summer fruit blend of fresh pineapple, juicy peaches, and sweet mangos.

Mr. Miyagi – Tropical fruit blend of papaya with splashes of juicy plums.

Manchu – A blast of juicy mangos with hints of sweet guava.

Sweet Tooth – A legend in the Alpha Vape family, creamy vanilla cookies, with a blast of sweet graham crackers.

The Dude Ice – The classic “The Dude” fresh pineapples, juicy peaches, and sweet mangos with a subtle hint of icy menthol.